About Me

Hi Friends!  I am the girl behind the Corner With Love blog as well as the ruffle-y fun shop by the same name where I sell ruffle camera strap slip covers (and soon more fun ruffle stuff!).

I am 27 and was born and raised in a cute little house in Southern California. I moved to Northern California when I was 19 and moved back the day before I turned 26. I have a Bachelor's degree in Child Development that I used for awhile and then realized I didn't actually want to get my credential after all. And then I started moving around a little too much and took a break from actually using that degree. I am currently working with children but hoping to find something new soon. I am finally accepting (for real) that this is not the path for me.

This is my 3rd blog. I know. But I have no intention of ever leaving this space as I finally feel "home" with this one. The first one stopped being me and I wanted away from it altogether so I started a new one. Then I left a bad situation and didn't want my X's family to still be able to stalk me so I left that one behind as well. Now we're here and I love this space. Its me and its slow growing but I'm okay with that. 

I have been married once before and am now divorced. Divorce sucks. Being seen as a statistic sucks more. But I did what was best for me. Even if that makes me a number. I was married too young to a guy who treated me horribly and one day (okay, there were months of pain and tears leading up to it) I decided to stand up for myself and left. I write about it to share my story and be a source of hope for others who may be in a similar situation.

4 months later to the day, I met the man I believe I am meant to be with for the rest of my life... I just had to climb a few mountains and make a few mistakes first. Yes, 4 months after separation is quick. No, I do not regret it even one single bit. I fully believe that we all create our own path and statistics sometimes just don't matter when it comes to the heart. I also believe in His perfect timing so I choose not to question or second-guess it.

He makes me happier than a bird with a french fry (name that show...)

We have a puppy named River that we rescued from the pound and, despite being a total brat, she has stolen our hearts. Seriously though. She is too hyper for words. Beagle + Jack Russle = I'm scared.
Rambunctious little stinker.

I am honest to a fault and sometimes share beyond what some think I should. But I love being real and I refuse to pretend like life isn't hard sometimes.
Sometimes the greatest life lessons come out of the hardest moments in our lives.

I love the little things in life. Chocolate milk is my weakness and Oreos are the way to my heart. 
I enjoy  reading and crafting and putting every ounce of creativity in my bones to good use.
 I am slightly TV obsessed and watch way too many shows. 
I love spending time with friends but suck at making new ones. 
Despite wearing my heart on my sleeve and being honest around these parts, meeting new people in person makes me want to run and hide (I am shy to an extreme). 
I have a small thing for nail polish and all things bright colors. 
My favorite color is teal and I completely overuse it... and I'm totally okay with that. 
I'm a jeans and flip flops kinda girl and am happiest with my camera in my hand.
Sarcasm is my favorite language to speak and I can be bit (read: a lot) awkward (those two things don't really go together. I just made that happen. Ya know.)
Photography is my dream profession.

I would love to connect with you! Let's be friends :)

Last Updated: 5/4/2013