Thursday, June 6, 2013

Shop Update: May

This month is a little different due to the sale because I am trying to add new things as quick as my day job will allow me so there will be a couple shop update posts this month (i hope!).

for now, here are the 6 new straps listed for May. I have 2 more straps awaiting photos and then those will be listed as well as more straps ready to be ironed and sewn. Crazy month! (not to mention father's day, 4 birthdays, out of town visitors, 4 field trips a week at work, and a baby shower to plan. uh. yea.)

All base fabrics this update are a thicker cotton and there are 3 with ruffles and 3 without.

And don't forget about the big sale! This will be the last big one until Black Friday... only little ones in between so don't miss out :)
Happy Shopping!!


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Ashlea with an a said...

I love every single one! It's so hard to choose!