Monday, June 17, 2013

list of happy (v. 8)

not my best edit job but its late on sunday night and i am exhausted. i'll probably redo it all soon.

+ extra family time
+ celebrating my wonderful daddy
+ headshots photography for M
+ blue cheese burgers
+ frisbee, softball, parks, oh my!
+ breakfast at an Irish pub
+ french toast with cinnamon powdered sugar
+ 5 people filling one grocery cart
+ so much picture-taking
+ target. 
+ pieology love
+ bean dip
+ corn on the cob
+ so many laughs
+ father's day shenanigans
+ sister time
+ a clean room
+ getting the bike out and off for tuning
+ last week of school for the kidlets this week 
+ printed pallete shirt
+ hello apparel shirt
+ so much love
+ hair appointment pampering
+ love for my dad-meister


Mason's Mama said...

Your list makes me happy :)) And the pictures are great. You definitely look like your dad!

Lin said...

Aw, that's a fabulous list.