Saturday, May 11, 2013

three65: April 2013

1st: easter pics
2nd: taking fabric pics for a reviewers choosing
3rd: mini golf spring break field trip with the kidlets
4th: resting with cute faced river
5th: off-leash dog beach day [post]
6th: just the girls for our saturday
7th: best momma ever. #sharpieaddict
8th: freshly washed jeans suck
9th: pretty skies despite a bad work day
10th: oreo treats from my love on an anxiety-ridden day
11th: didn't want to go to the gym but so glad i did
12th: playdoh creations #lalaloopsy
13th: loves for my girl
14th: M naming video game stuff after me.
15th: my skeleton drawing skillz need help
16th: teacher appreciation week flower

17th: meeting outfit
18th: lady bits check up after atypical test results [post]
19th: camper songs with funny lines
20th: mint polka dot skinnies make me oh so happy [post]
21st: fire pit at my parents
22nd: puppy lovin on her dad after he had a bad day
23rd: scenes from packing
24th: the secretaries made me do it
25th: carefree days of kids make me wish for being little again
26th: lots of caffeine after a very very late night
27th: organizing fabric for the move
28th: film festival weekend
29th: happy to have her home after boarding her for 2 days
30th: seriously can't wait to get back to the gym


Nicole said...

Good Pics! & Puhlease send that gym motivation over my way!

p.s. absolutely love your layout :)

Mason's Mama said...

What program do you use to make your collages? Love the layout and the pictures!!