Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday

  • the blog every day in may challenge is a hard topic today and i got absolutely nothing so i'm skipping today. call me a failure but i seriously can't come up with a single thing. i guess that means i'm good at nothing. ;)
  • my doctors office called today. i wanted to punch the nurse in the face when i answered the phone and she sounded so chipper making me immediately think it was good news only for her to say my test results show i still have atypical cells and have to go see a specialist. seriously. so ya. specialist is next. and with the specialist comes the colposcopy. and then who the hell knows what. i am simultaneously calm and freaking out. i know. makes no sense. i forget and go about life and then remember and get all teary again. i had a slight cry-fest at work when i called mike to tell him. blah.
  • we move out this weekend. it is chaos in my house and i'm pretty sure my dog thinks we're packing up to leave her. i am only taking about 1/3 of my clothes which is kinda sad but not a lot of options when we are reducing to less than 1/3 the size of our current closet. its intense. i keep going around in circles with my emotions about this move. its bittersweet. emphasis on bitter. trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel but its not easy. 
  • i cannot wait to get back to the gym. with our short notice about moving out and also taking care of my grandma right now, we have been completely unable to get to the gym and i am dying without it. i never thought i'd be that girl but its amazing what a difference it makes in how i feel on a daily basis. i need it. plus i gained back some weight which is seriously pissing me off.
  • thanks for your sweet comments on my 250 words post yesterday. i wasn't able to read many yet but i've really enjoyed the ones i did get to! such a fun way to get to know new and old friends and i love that! :)
happy thursday!

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