Friday, May 3, 2013

things that make me go blech

back on track with the blog everyday in may challenge... i have to admit i felt a bit inadequate reading some of the posts yesterday about all the awesome things you guys are good at. i'm sure i must be good at something but in the teeny tiny span of time i had to write a post, there was nothing i could come up with. i guess making more time for writing is the whole point of this but with moving and all that jazz, its a miracle i'm even getting a post up at all right now.

so on to today...

a terrible picture that mike accidentally captured that i would not normally share but it seemed to fit for today. so. ya. #justkeepinitreal

Day 3, Friday: Things that make you uncomfortable

a tiny disclaimer... i am a really flexible person. if, on the off chance, one of these applies to you, it doesn't mean we still can't be best friends. we all have our things though.

list style:

  • the soap crustys that form on the top/end of soap bottles. it makes me a little sick if i touch it. seriously. 
  • on that note, the milk crustys. oh em gee. i can't even.
  • men with long fingernails. i'm sorry if your brother/husband/boyfriend/dad/fiance/grandpa/best friend is a long fingernail kinda guy but it makes me squirm.
  • cotton balls. i hate them. do not make me touch them. the worst is at nail salons when they take off your polish with not enough juice and the pieces catch on your nails and pull. i just got chills. i am not kidding. the second worst is when they stupidly put them in the pill bottles at the top. i can't do it. 
  • snotty people. i kinda just want to slap them and it makes me so uncomfortable because i don't know how to deal.
  • my cell phone battery below 30%. its seriously stressful. my sister is worse. as soon as it hits 50% she starts sweating.
  • leftover anything with tomato sauce. congealed tomato sauce is just gross. 
  • meeting new people. my introverted-ness makes this such a hard thing and i totally clam up and become a horribly shy version of myself and its annoying. some have even told me later that they though i was a "b" because i was so awkward which came off as stuck up.
  • public speaking. just no.
  • talking on the phone. i hate it. please don't make me. if i have to make a phone call to a doctor or the bank, i will put it off for as long as humanly possible. and even then you'll probably have to hold a gun to my head to get me to do it.
  • being the center of attention. not my thing. even just feeling like someone is watching me. when i used to feel this way as a teenager, my mom would tell me maybe its because they think i'm pretty. just being a mom, right? 
  • having someone read over my shoulder when i'm on the computer. especially if i'm writing a post. i had to tell mike not too long ago that i'm not hiding it, i just can't stand when people read while i type. i can't even explain it. but it kinda makes me want to poke someone's eyes out. yikes. 
  • being watched while i work out. i'm sure the girl behind me on the stair climber is staring at my sweat and judging me. (i'm pretty much always sure someone is judging me. i have self-esteem issues. don't judge me. crap. see?!) also, if i am alone at the gym (m doesn't go with me) i'll avoid the weights area at all costs. i hate working out around sweaty, grunting men without mike to make me feel like i kinda belong and my fat self can be in that area. then i go home and regret only getting cardio in. it's pathetic.

  • watching make out/sex scenes in movies with my parents. i'm an adult. it shouldn't matter. but its still so weird.
  • being stuck in a car with someone i don't know that well. trying to keep the conversation going. ugh.
  • parallel parking. especially in a crowded area like balboa where its the only option but there are people everywhere watching you fail.
  • pulling out the big camera in certain public places. i feel like everyone is watching and judging me hard. also, posing for pictures in random public places. something i seriously need to get over if i want to pursue photography for realsies.
okay. i'm sure there are more but i can't think of anything else at this point. what makes you uncomfortable?


Sarisha Dawduth said...

Haha :D I can relate to almost everything on your list! I have a huge annoyance with toothpaste caps :/

Sara said...

Oh my, this post is hilarious! I love it.

Aleshea said...

Hey, girl hey. Let;s be blog friends ok. Ok deal. I hate the crusties on everything too. Like legit makes me nervous and puts me in a bad mood.

Mason's Mama said...

Well, we can totally be bffs! I could have written this post myself. It makes my stomach turn when I see men with long fingernails. I’m always clipping Mason’s when I see the slightest bit of white!! And I am OCD about my phone, cameras and Kindle being charged. I get a little bit of anxiety when I see the battery drain. Seriously!

Kristine said...

Oh man I'm such an introvert, too! I can totally relate with you on all these things!