Friday, May 10, 2013

Shop Update: April

Not a huge update this month. I've been in kind of a rut but I still did better than last month. :)

This month includes the second most popular strap I've ever sold in my shop (the first being made with fabric that has since been discontinued. sad face.). And another chevron combination has been added. Chevron is becoming a widely requested pattern and I'm trying to get the vast amounts of various chevron fabrics I have made and in the shop as timely as possible. 

Also, being that its May, I'm going to very briefly mention the possibility of a biggie sale in June to kick off all the summer photography fun! Stay tuned! Trying to stock up the shop this month in preparation but its proving really difficult with my "real" job and living at my parents' now.

Anyway... on to April's update!

Don't forget.. everything is ready to ship and comes with a lens cap pocket!

Main shop page here and always at the top of the blog in my header!

Thanks loves!


Mason's Mama said...

Best camera straps EVER!! :)) I love that pink and grey one!

Kristine said...

Just purchased my first camera strap from you! :)