Monday, May 27, 2013

a letter to you.

Day 27, Monday: A letter to your readers

dear lovely people on the other side of the screen,

you rock. no seriously. you build me up when i am down. you support, you pray, you virtually hug. you high five, you praise, you make me feel beautiful. you comment, you text, you instagram, you email, you remind me that there is good. you don't judge, you just wrap your arms around me and love me despite my crazy and all my faults. and all of that and more means the absolute most to me. your friendship is amazing. someone once told me i had a social disorder because of how close and how much my blog/twitter/instagram friends mean to me but honestly, it is the best thing. i wear my "social disorder" proudly because, if it means i am lucky enough to have you guys in my life, it is so worth it. and you make me an incredibly blessed girl. no really. i am not just saying this because of the prompt. well the prompt did urge me to say it now but i think it a lot. i should say it more.

some of you have followed me through 3 blogs and didn't bat an eye. you hugged me so hard when i announced the divorce. you cheered me on when i met the best guy ever. you prayed when i went through the colonoscopy and again last week with the colposcopy. i may have issues making friends in real life, but i am still incredibly blessed in the friendship department thanks to all of you. every. single. one. of you. it means the world to me. seriously. the world.

so thank you. thank you for loving me through my crazy, sometimes drama-ridden, occasionally pathetic, silly little life.

i big puffy heart love you guys so much. so so much.

love me.


Nicole said...

I am glad you came back to blogging! For a moment there you were between blogs and MIA! Love following your adventures :)

Kristine said...

I feel the same way about my readers :) blog friends are the best!

Mason's Mama said...

So blessed to have met you in this blogging world! I adore you, friend!!

Sonya said...

awe!! you are so sweet how could we not big puffy heart love you back!