Tuesday, May 21, 2013

a few of my favorites

day 21! i can't believe how quickly we are nearing the end of this challenge! i have loved it so far (even though i skipped a few) and i have definitely blogged a ton more because of it. even when i should be sleeping for my 5:30 wake up call, i sit down and write the post for the next days prompt and i'm so glad i did!

anyway. today is simple which is a good thing because i need some sleep like whoa. (i write the night before.) had an extremely emotionally exhausting night sunday and woke up puffy-eyed monday morning after too little sleep and it kicked my butt all day.

so enough babbling... i need sleep!

Day 21, Tuesday: A list of links to your favorite posts in your archives

i have a little list of my favorites over there on my sidebar spot but here they are too. i keep a list there because i once stumbled upon (completely by accident) what is now one of my favorite blogs and she had a long list of her favorite posts and it was such a fabulous way of getting to know her and seeing her best of.

a little disclaimer.. because this is my 3rd blog, i don't have a huge archive. some of my favorite posts reside on past blogs that i haven't looked at in a long time (they were written in my past life) and i have yet to pull those posts off and transfer them over. someday. for now here are my favorites since the conception of this little bloggity (since january 2012):

  1. probably my favorite to date on this blog: a source of hope // about why i blog about my divorce occasionally.

  2. His perfect timing // about trusting in His timing and the timing of meeting M when I did.

  3. lessons from an empty bank account // a recent post about our financial state and what it has taught me.

  4. on a coffee table remodel // not a super fantastic post but the post that gets the most pinterest and random google search attention. its a pretty kick-ass coffee table.

  5. and because i have loved this challenge, my favorite challenge post so far: i do... me. everyday // on what i do outside of work. just a raw post about exactly who i am at the core. for the most part. i'm sure i forgot a few "me" things.
i can't wait to read some of your favorite posts. it is one of the best ways to get to know a new to you blogger and find new friends!

happy tuesday!

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