Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A day in the life..

Day 15, Wednesday: A Day in the life (include photos from throughout your typical day - this could be "a photo an hour" if you'd like)

Are you ready? There are 40 pictures in this post. Sounds like a lot more than it is (I hope)...

Before I get started, I am a teacher at an after school care program where I am referred to as "Miss Ashley". I open my center up each morning at 7am for all the parents who have to be at work early and need to drop their kids off before school starts. I then work a 9 hour day which includes half day kindergarteners (both early and late bears) and 1st-6th graders later in the afternoon. that should help some of the below make sense.

5 o'clock hour (yes, AM)
+ alarm goes off at 5:30am. I am exhausted and barely holding my head up
+ brush teeth and then makeup (i shower at night..)
+ flat-iron (in this case re-curl a few pieces... normally just re-straighten a few pieces)

6 o'clock hour
+ get dressed
+ feel a little more alive but still wishing i could be in my bed
+ mike walks me out and blows me kisses
+35 minutes later arrive at work and park

7 o'clock hour
+ take down all the chairs at work
+ make the breakfast of the day
+ work in my planner to stay organized

8 o'clock hour
+ sign out the kids and
+ send them off to school
+ make my breakfast (in this case a protein shake)
+ lock up the back gate to the school to keep out the crazies

9 o'clock hour
+ set up the wii for my late bear kinders
+ but first we do our homework packet
+ walk the late bears to line for school

10 o'clock hour
+ no kids in the center means paperwork time
+ and walls as well

11 o'clock hour
+ more paperwork in the last minutes before the early bear kinders are out
+ grab school lunches for a couple kids

12  & 1 o'clock hours
+ lunch/caffeine time for me 
+ homework time with kinders

2 o'clock hour
+ play time for the kiddos - coloring and games.. sometimes real, sometimes made up
+ make the snack for the day

3 o'clock hour
+ snack time for kids
+ homework time for 1st graders
+ play time on the playground

4 o'clock hour
+ quittin' time for me!
+ back home
+ river going crazy with excitement to see me (looks like she's sitting, she's actually about to jump on me)

5 to 8 o'clock hour
+ dinnertime
+ time for river to beg for extras (i'm a sucker for that face with her chin on my leg... i always find something to give her)
+ this time varies a lot otherwise... sometimes the gym, a lot of the time sewing and cutting and ironing, sometimes just shenanigans with the crazy on the right :).

9 to 11 o'clock hour
+ showering
+ blogging
+ sleeping

WHEW! now i'm tired. no seriously. that kinda just overwhelmed me for tomorrow. i'm thinkin that last picture looks really good right about now. and since it is now 11pm... (i write my posts at night and schedule for the morning)

what do your days look like??


Mason's Mama said...

I love that you included all of these pictures! Your pictures = a happy Crystal! Do you curl your hair with a flat iron? I have yet to master that!! So sweet that he walks you out and blows you kisses. Melt my heart.

Kristine said...

Love all the pics you shared! And I envy you for your ability to work with little ones all day who aren't your own... I get stressed out WAY too easily, even when they are so freaking adorable.

Jesse K said...

Cute! Loved glancing at your day!

Becky | Apples of Gold said...

Wow Wow AND Wow, girlfriend!
You've got a whole lot on your plate!
But i'm sure working with kids is rewarding.
I've worked with them on and off throughout my life and it's never really easy, and not always fun, but definitely rewarding... especially when they tell you sweet things like, "i LOVE you!"

It's super sweet that your man walks you out in the morning. Those are the little things that mean so much!

Anyway, found you via jenni's may challenge! =)

I enjoyed reading about your crazy busy daily routine!

Amanda Haney said...

Dang, I am tired! I love that you took all the pictures throughout the day!! Super neat. :)