Tuesday, April 9, 2013

three65: March 2013

1st: preparing Pioneer Woman's baked french toast
2nd: anniversary celebration at the beach
3rd: River got sick (post)
4th: hand drawing a bingo game for my kids
5th: River eats! (finally)
6th: River gets sick again and we end up at the vet
7th: Co-worker BFFs birthday and I got her a giant Hello Kitty balloon
8th: Cafe Rio lunch date with my sister
9th: Taking a picture on my phone with my nose... (don't judge me)
10th: Waiting for my sister for a little weekend lunch date
11th: Time change means leaving for work in the dark
12th: Coworker BFF surprised me with an arrow necklace :)
13th: Too tired at work
14th: Wrote a tough post about an Empty Bank Account (post)
15th: Kinder fun on a Friday: colorful chain links

16th: Order a sandwich and it came out green!
17th: Celebrating my grandma's birthday. (post)
18th: My sister rocks. Nuff said.
19th: OOTD: stripes and mustard
20th: Chrysalis on a 1st grade spelling test
21st: First eye doc appt in 4 years. Bout time.
22nd: River lost all her chances to stay out of the crate when we leave.
23rd: Sunroof open kinda day
24th: She loves curling up in tight spaces.
25th: Counting chips to count calories
26th: Trying to get a walk in between work and after hours work meetings
27th: Night snack to complete my 1200 calories
28th: Getting to ride in my dad's sports car
29th: Sandwiches in the park
30th: Drift Car Show with the boys
31st: Easter bunny ears (post)

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docksidelove said...

I love that you keep such good track of LIFE! I need to get better at that! Miss you! xo