Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shop Update: March

I totally failed this month. I did not at all plan ahead and pay attention to how many labels (the ones I sew onto the lens cap pocket) I had left so when I went to make the first set of straps this month, I realized I had 8 left. And with custom orders and giveaway straps, I had to save them for the unknown of the month (good thing too...only 2 left now!).

Unfortunately, the labels take 2-3 weeks to make and get to me so I just got the notification that they shipped yesterday.

So one whole set of straps got done. So frustrating. I felt totally unproductive this month and it annoyed me but we're just going to move on to the next month. {kind of a blessing since it turned out to be a crazy busy month after all. still frustrating though.}

And without further ado, the one new strap that is currently for sale...

Named for the sweet blog friend that did a review and hosted a giveaway of this strap in February. She wanted an unconventional chevron and after a few failed attempts, we found the perfect one.

Hope you love it!

Happy April!