Monday, April 22, 2013

list of happy

+ the truly amazing & heart-filling love i received last week
it meant the world to me. thank you from the bottom of my heart
+ pulling out my 50mm lens for the first time in awhile
+ 10 bird swing straps done
+ 4 pink chevron straps done
+ a ruby's bleu's burger
+ lovin' on my girl
+ new mint polka dot skinnies
+ watching the second episode of The Bible
+ pizza night
+ making film festival plans
+ a new bed for river (that she loves)
+ sunday night dinner with the family
+ oreo milkshakes


docksidelove said...

I love you lady... I read your other post and I am thinking of you!!! Our bodies do weird things but you're going to be a-okay. If you ever need an ear - I am here!!
And I love this list... especially oreo milkshakes ;)

Megan Ashley said...

LOVE your list of happy! And I am so glad you are happy. mint skinnies, adorable and such a mood lifter :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Love those mint polka dot skinnies!

Lots of happy things!

Mason's Mama said...

Those mint pants rock my socks off! I rarely take my 50mm off my camera. What other lenses do you have? I only have my kit lens and my 50mm.