Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dog Beach Day!

i'm a little late in posting this pictures since i promised them last week but last week was just a bad week in general. so here they are now.

over my spring break, mike planned a day to take river to the off-leash dog beach in huntington and that girl had more fun than i've ever seen her have. it was so much fun to watch and photograph.
she loves to play. with anyone/dog who will play with her. she is so so playful.
love at first sniff
he put her treat between his teeth and she got it. gross i know. but so cute.
another guy's dog who loved swimming out there and the owner put one of those sports action water cameras around his neck. so cool.
she jumps for her treats now.
i love when i catch her licking her nose. and this picture.
i love them so.

dog beaches are so fun!


J and A said...

Such great pictures!! Our girl LOVES the water too!

Ashley said...

She is soo cute!! Ours love the water!! She looks soo happy! I wish dogs were allowed on every beach! They are banned here!

Sonya said...

great pics Ashley!

LWLH said...

River is the absolute cutest and your pictures are amazing.

Mason's Mama said...

These pictures are all so great, but I especially love that second to last picture. So precious!!!