Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DIY Wednesday: Anniversary Gift

On Sunday the 14th, my adorable parents celebrated 29 years together.
While making my to-do list on Saturday, I was thinking about making them a card and then decided i wanted to do something more. My sister and I have been casually talking about throwing them a party next year for their 30th so this year I wanted to do something simple but more if that makes sense.

Here's what I came up with:

29 reasons your marriage is one to admire...

I used a mason jar I had on hand and painted the lid with chalkboard paint. (I used 3 coats of chalkboard paint and a wet chalk pen to write the date. I would use a smaller tip pen next time..those pens are a pain!) 

I hot glued the pop lid to the ring and as you can see, some glue seeped out. I tried really hard to get rid of the glue that dried but it wouldn't come off. Oh well. Be careful if you try this. In order to tie it on, I tied the ring on first and then hot-glued them together. Also, I recommend putting the glue on the inside of the ring and not on the edges of the lid... I tried both and the ring was definitely better!

All the graphic-y pieces were made in photoshop. The strips have "number _____ (seven, eight, twenty-nine, etc.) in the background and one reason per strip.
I filled it with their favorite Dark Chocolate M-Ms after arranging the reason strips in the jar first (I found doing it this way to be a lot easier).

Obviously this could be adapted for any occasion you like. It was super simple and other than waiting for the coats of paint to dry, it was a quick project to complete!

Oh and? They loved it! :) Hope you did too ;)


Sonya said...

what a cute idea!!

LWLH said...

What a sweet idea!