Tuesday, March 12, 2013

three65: February

1st: park day for the kidlets at work.
2nd: lunch at Lazy Dog thanks to M's mom.
3rd: Superbowl Sunday.
4th: River girl turns 1!
5th: waffles in the freezer at work=breakfast.
6th: sick day from work and M brings me breakfast in bed.
7th: sweetest M showed up at the doc to keep me company while I waited.
8th: reminders to be positive in the form of a rainbow.
9th: homemade muffins with the family recipe.
10th: Valentine's week sparkle pink nails.
11th: back on the workout train.
12th: worked 11 hours with a 2 hour split so M took me to dinner.
13th: oranges for snack for the kidlets.
14th: V-day treat after dinner and a movie.
15th: getting shipping supplies prepared.
16th: flip flops and Jamba Juice on an 80 degree day.

17th: dinner for my cousin's birthday.
18th: all day training all about being "campy" during summer.
19th: glasses day.
20th: dandelion from a preschooler.
21st: a 5-year-old's portrait of my coworker.
22nd: weekday morning protein shake in my blender bottle.
23rd: thankful for a real breakfast.
24th: my teal Kitchenaid makes me happy.
25th: i hate bills.
26th: i let a 5 year old "paint" my nails with marker.
27th: all day CPR training day.
28th: Mongolian BBQ with my daddy-o.

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Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

So fun! I love how you added the dates to all the pics.