Thursday, March 21, 2013

She Made It to 86

None of us thought we would be celebrating this birthday with her here on this Earth. But we did.

After a year of health problems, long-term hospice (not the kind for end of life... its new and different), living with my parents off and on and many hospital stays, tests, and medications, we were preparing to celebrate without her.

Instead, she defied even her own doubts and made it. To 86.

I first posted about the heart attacks here. And then I posted more about the non-hospice hospice and "the plan" here.

She is currently still living with my parents and just last night I asked her if she thinks she wants to go home soon. She is definitely moving in that direction very soon.

Overall, there is nothing exactly wrong with her. Her body is old, her arteries are clogged, and her COPD gives her a run for her money every couple months.

In December, she was so so sick she missed my cousin's wedding (took a lot for her to make that tough decision); we assumed it was the end. I even had a complete and utter slobbery breakdown about losing her in the car one night. And then she bounced back.

We aren't sure what the next year holds. We are all again feeling that we won't be celebrating 87 with her here but I, of course, hope to be writing a similar post next year. Unfortunately, her body could just decide it has finally had enough one day after everything she has been through in her long life but we aren't sure when or how that is going to happen at this point.

I'm finding myself just incredibly grateful for each new Sunday we get to spend with her at family dinner and the times we see her in between.

Happiest of Happy Birthdays Nanny. You are one amazing grandma.


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Lin said...

She's so beautiful! Enjoy & cherish every moment with her.

Sonya said...

awe!! Happy Birthday Grandma. :)

Man she has had a rough go, so glad she is on her way to recovering.