Monday, March 11, 2013

River Gets Sick. Sad Face.

About a week ago (the very late/early morning hours Saturday/Sunday) M and I woke up to River throwing up all over her bed (a blanket at the foot of our bed). Its not the first time she's ever thrown up but it ended up being the first time she got continually sick. We tried to go back to sleep, only to wake up to her vomiting under the dining table. Laid awake for another couple hours before she started throwing up again. Needless to say, we got very little sleep that night.

She rested all day Sunday without throwing up for 12 hours so we headed to my parents for our usual Sunday Night Dinner only to have her throw up there 3 times (luckily we had already eaten). We brought her home earlier than usual where she continued to throw up all night long again. Her solid rear ejections also become very dark liquid rear ejections.

We weren't sure what to think but we were trying everything we could think of/read about online before going to the vet.

She threw up a couple times Monday morning and then stopped completely and seemed to be coming around. She was back to her usual jumping, playful self. Not 100% but better than we'd seen her in 2 days. We picked up some Pepto Bismal that night at the suggestion of a couple friends on Instagram and got her to take that. She slept entirely threw the night with no incident that night and Tuesday we tried feeding her for the first time in 2 days. Just chicken broth to start and then some boiled chicken in the broth later in the day (thanks to another IG suggestion). She did fine with those even if she didn't love them.

In the middle of the night Tuesday, about 10 hours after last eating, she suddenly threw up again. We thought we had gotten through it all and now here we were again. We fell back asleep and woke up to her going diarrhea in the house. Mike went to clean it up to find it to be black in color. He started researching on his phone and woke up my dozing self with a "shit!" after having read three different sites saying black stool could indicate her stomach was bleeding. Cue panic.

We gave in and M took her to the vet Wednesday. A lot of tests, ridiculous costs, and a crap-ton of stress later, they were sent home with a bunch of meds to calm her stomach. All of the really bad stuff came back negative thankfully and they came to the conclusion that she has a really sensitive stomach and GI problems. As Mike put it, "$250 for an upset stomach". If the meds don't work, we may be looking at something more serious like colitis but so far, so good.
The meds have been doing the trick and she seems to be back to her normal playful crazy self. Jumping and happy and actually wanting food again.
Its crazy how much your heart hurts when they're hurting even for a puppy. Can't imagine what a mess I'll be when I'm a mom of human children. I feel stuff so hard and deep. I'll be a mess lol.

I appreciate all the love and suggestions and good wishes extended to us over Instragram. It meant so much and we took all the suggestions and used them and we really are so grateful. It meant so much for all the love for our sweet puppy.



Sonya said...

ugh! I am so sorry! It is hard to have a pet sick since they can't tell you they don't feel good or what is wrong! I am hoping the meds do the trick and no more sickness for River!

Ashley said...

I know just how you feel when your pups get sick!! Feeling soo helpless!! Hope she gets back on the mend soon!!