Monday, March 4, 2013

One Year

Today is our one year "anniversary". A year ago today this happened. 

Because I had to work today, M planned a surprise celebration that turned out to be so special. I posted about it on Instagram but I wanted to share the real pictures and more about his special gift. 

We started by going to Total Wine. When we walked in, Mike told me to pick any bottle. It didn't matter what liquid was inside, it just need to be clear or clearish when the liquid was gone. I had no idea where he was going with this but I searched all over before finding a really pretty bottle that I loved. And it was less than $20. Score.
After choosing the bottle (and still not knowing what the bottle was for), we headed to lunch for our favorite pizza place (its like Chipotle but for pizza). 
With lunch over, it was time to battle the beach crowd. It was 82 degrees yesterday and the first really warm day in at least a month so it was crazy busy but we found a spot and got to walking.

We started the beach portion with Balboa Fun Zone for ice cream.

We then took our ice cream across the street to the beach where we strolled and photographed.
 He then pulled out an empty water bottle that he'd found in my car and told me to fill it at least half full... "for later."
When we got home, he laid out a blanket, got the vodka I had picked, lemonade and squirt we had on hand and made us each a little drink. He then poured the rest of the vodka into an old Grey Goose bottle we had lying around so we could use the bottle for his special project. 
He snuck away to the bedroom and came back with a bag full of momentos from the past year. Movie ticket stubs, Disneyland tickets, the ticket when we saw River for the first time, little notes I had written him, his two favorite things from this.... all sorts of cool things from places we'd been and things we'd done together. I knew he was saving them but never had any idea what he was planning to use them for. He made me think he was going to make a book with them so I hadn't even put it all together when picking the bottle and getting the sand.
We went through each thing as we rolled them up and put them in the bottle with the sand at the bottom. He said the sand was to commemorate the celebration and the day and the keepsakes were for the past year and in 20 years, we'd break open the bottle and revisit our first year together. #sweetestthing
He asked that I use my "crafty-ness" to decorate the bottle and make a label to cover the alcohol label but I haven't done that yet. I'll do that soon and post the final product. 

He outdid himself in making this day incredibly special. And we did it all for less than $40 :)

Love him so and so happy to have him in my life. #luckygirl

Happy One Year, Lovebug!


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I love this. All of this!

What a perfect way to celebrate one year of being together! Here's to many, many more!

Britt said...

Omg best anniversary ever!!! I love it!

valerie said...

he's a keeper! Very fun day! and great pictures too!

Lauren said...

SO sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lin said...

That is the absolute best anniversary day. Lucky girl.

I would have never thought up the idea of sticking all those mementos in a bottle. Dude, surely outdid himself. Kudos!