Wednesday, February 13, 2013

three65: January

1st: Foodie Fight trivia with the fam bam
2nd: 13 goals in 2013 (handwritten version)
3rd: Yellow Toms
4th: New Click magazine M got me for Christmas
5th: Saturday morning snuggles
6th: Sunday dinner at my parents
7th: Weight Watchers 7pp lunch
8th: My favorite ever boss's last day. :(
9th: Prettiest sunrise on my drive to work.
10th: Lady parts check-up day
11th: New branding labels for the shop
12th: First brand new ready-to-ship strap in progress
13th: Mint and chambray OOTD
14th: Evening to-do list... *No NCIS allowed* (I'm obsessed)
15th: Finishing touches on I Heart You
16th: Chipotle treat

17th: The kids at work made me "Chuck-E-Cheese"
18th: Hot tea and cuddles - no sickies please
19th: Hair day! Hadn't had my hair done in over a year!
20th: Mini cannoli bites at Sunday dinner
21st: NCIS obsessed
22nd: Hair before and after - mousy brown to dark and auburn
23rd: Excited to see my puppy
24th: Snack for the kiddos (fruit pizzas)
25th: Rainy, headache, stomachache, boo
26th: Date night at Bruxie's and Les Mis after
27th: They love each other
28th: Signed up for a new small gym
29th: A way too many points delicious pasta
30th: Cousin's birthday
31st: Self-portrait to close the month and 5 things about me on IG.

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Katelyn said...

Love this idea! I might try it for March since February is half over! I was wondering about hosting a giveaway/product review for your camera strap on my blog. :) email me,