Monday, February 11, 2013

Shop Update: January

I don't know what it is about blogging lately that I cannot find motivation for... it is such a struggle for me lately but I am determined to work on it because I have so much I want to blog about.
Anyway... I have been talking a lot about revamping the shop this year and its turning out to be an even  bigger monkey to take on than I anticipated. That being said, its going to be a slow, possibly year long, revamp but I'm excited about it despite the work.

I will do a shop update post every month to share which straps are completed and re-listed in the shop. Below are January's straps and information about what the revamp entails.

The revamp involves a lot of different components.

The biggest thing is that straps are now entirely made and ready to ship. Before, I would make one strap, photograph and list it and then everything was made-to-order from that point on. I am now making as many straps as I can get out of the amount of fabric I have and listing all that I have ready to ship. This means straps ship in 1-3 days instead of 1-2 weeks. And takes a crazy amount of stress off my shoulders with trying to make straps in a timely manner and work a full time job which keeps me out of the house 10 hours a day.

The second biggest thing is that all straps now come with a lens cap pocket (!!!). No more need for requesting a custom order... every strap is automatically equipped with that handy little pocket. 

Straps are now 3" wide to accomodate many different lens cap sizes. Pockets are also deeper.

I also went and got all legitimate like and straps now come with a logo label on the pocket on the back of the straps. 

And lastly, straps now have names... a minor change but one I am happy about. I may have to enlist some help... some of these are so hard to name! Like the one below.

There will be lots of new straps as well as revamping the old ones. The first 4 of this months straps are brand new to the shop and this last one is a strap that was previously in the shop but hasn't been in awhile. I am forcing myself to make February a revamp month involving all old strap designs... no new stuff allowed! :) 

Because the revamp is going to take time, you may notice that the new straps have a different price than the old. That is temporary as I am working to remake all the old stuff to replace those listings with the new price. 

The best part about this month's update?! The information I am about to give you about not one but two giveaways happening this week. Annnnnnnd there are THREE coupon codes out there in blog land! Ready?!

Mrs. Monologues is giving away one I Heart You strap and she has a coupon code for her readers.
Aubrey at The Kinch Life is doing a review of and giving away a never before seen strap
 and she also has a coupon code.
Lauren at Wifestyles is doing a review and has a coupon code as well. 

Check them out and maybe you'll be a lucky winner. Coupon codes are good through the end of March!

Happy Monday friends.

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