Monday, February 18, 2013

A Simple and Sweet Valentine's Gift

For Valentine's Day this year, I decided to keep things super simple. Things are really tight financially for us right now so I knew I couldn't go out and buy M a fancy gift but being our first V-Day together, I didn't want to do nothing either. So I spent a dollar. Yes $1.

The teal/mint mailbox was $1 in the Target Dollar Bin before V-day and I snatched one up. (sidenote... does anyone remember when it was near impossible to get your hands on these mailboxes?! people would go to 8 different Targets trying to find one and they would fly off the shelves in less than a couple days). Everything else that I used for this gift I either had on hand or printed. 

I had scraps of heart fabric which I hot-glued to the mailbox and I have a pint of chalkboard paint that I have come to love just having on hand for whatever I suddenly decide needs to have some chalkboard love. 

I honestly dreamed up this project in less than a minute and didn't think too much about it. Just started warming up the glue gun and shaking up the paint.

That being said, I didn't do the best job of getting the smoothest finish on the paint. A spray can is so much better for that but I still could have been neater with my painting. I will probably even go back with another coat now that the holiday is over and try to smooth it out.
I wanted to use some cute V-day cards to put in the box but I just didn't have the time to create them myself in photoshop and lets face it, others are better at it. So thanks to The Dating Divas 140 Free Valentines Day Printables post, I found some super cute ones available free as long as I have a printer. Which I do. Obviously.
I made a list of 14 things I love about M and wrote them on the cards.

These are the two sets I used: 

After that I just wrote on the chalkboard... not my best chalkboard work but its small and again, didn't paint it smooth enough (makes a HUGE difference in the difficulty of writing in chalk).

He loved it and it was a special little something for just him... and only a $1 ;)

To celebrate, we avoided the crowds by eating at Chipotle and seeing Safe Haven (which I have been so excited to see after reading the book and being an avid Nick Sparks fan!) He surprised me on the way home by stopping at my favorite Yogurtland. A simple and sweet date with a simple and sweet gift.

Hope you had a fabulous Valentine's Day!


Sonya said...

this is super cute!! I love this idea Ashley!! :) what an awesome Valetine's Day you had.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I think that is the cutest thing! What a great idea! Now I wish I could find a mailbox and make one of these!

Stephany said...

I think this is the cutest thing ever!!! I love it. It turned out great.

We avoided crowds too. How was the movie? I want to see it.

LWLH said...

This is adorable! :)

Lin said...

I didnt get my husband squat for V-day...too broke & kinda forgot. This is the cutest budget gift ever!