Thursday, August 9, 2012

just some thoughts...

my head is swimming, swimming, with so much on my plate right now. overwhelmed is not an accurate word to describe my current state of being. so bulleted thoughts are the best i can do at the moment.

  • i am on the job hunt. i hate job hunting because its overwhelming and confusing. i never really know what to look for or how to search for the right thing. and its so hard these days to get anyone to contact you back. its like you have to send in a naked picture with your resume to get an employers attention lately. not. gonna. happen.
  • speaking of naked (wow, worst transition ever)... i've gained more weight than i care to admit since the little business of leaving X. there are many reasons for that (not just your basic, food is my emotional friend, reason... but yes, that too). and i keep thinking of this post about it and writing it in my head but for some reason the fingers will not do what the brain is asking. i will get the courage one of these hot beautiful days.
  • speaking of hot (hey! much better transition) i hate the heat. i want it to be a good solid 70 degrees everyday. with a couple of cozy rainy weekends thrown in there. this summer is making me miss northern california only a little bit. otherwise? do not miss. but i remember doing field trips with the kids in the summer up there (when i worked in after school care) and feeling like 85 was just too dang hot. most of the summer was between 75-80 and anything above that was too much. i would give close to anything for 85 right now. this 90, 95, 100, 105, record breaking temps crap? not. a. fan. welcome back to southern california. you'd think i would remember this from, ya know, growing up here. but no. do not like.
  • my grandma is struggling. i need her to get healthy because i need her to stick around awhile longer. this whole heart attack/risk of stroke/infections nonsense has got to stop. i don't know why she won't listen to me. i spent last thursday night through sunday in the hospital with her and then a little on monday before she went home tuesday. its so stressful and exhausting and my heart aches for her little 84 pound, 85 year old body struggling :(
  • my dog is a nervous pee-er. i know. you're feeling for me right now. ever since she ran away and i spent 20 minutes chasing her, she has been nervous peeing when we come home. i got home yesterday and she peed in 6 different spots in a matter of 5 minutes when i walked in. then M got home and she did the same thing again. she only started this two days ago. good times.
  • speaking of good times (i'm done. i swear), M and i started a 101 in 1001 list together. it technically started August 1st but since i only have 67 items so far, i can't post it yet. i need some inspiration. fun things to do together. ready. set. go!
  • there is more. oh so much more. but i need to go meet my seester for lunch at Cafe Rio (oh my yum) so we'll leave it at that until my brain can manage to write a real post of substance :)

happy tomorrow-is-friday day!


Bre said...

I have heard a lot about this Cafe Rio place. I must find one. Also, Nor Cal is not cooler than So Cal, you just got a mild summer experience. Today? 108. Tomorrow? 109.

LWLH said...

I need to re do my 101 list, my other one suffered bad. : )

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Keep looking! You'll find the perfect job soon!

Lin said...

You're not the only one that's gained some weight. Mine is mostly out of laziness though, haha. I'm sure you look fantastic :) As far as the heat goes, it's been 117 degrees in Riverside, I hate it!

I'm sorry to hear about your grandma, I'm definitely sending positive vibes her way.