Wednesday, August 22, 2012

101 in 1001

A few weeks ago, I suggested to M that we create a 101 in 1001 list to do together to keep our weekends fun and interesting and he was totally on board and loved the idea. It took me forever and a day to come up with all 101 things with some input from M but I have finally gotten there. So without further ado... our list.

1. Find and do a devotional together.
2. Make 25 new (to both) recipes. [15/25]
3. Find/join a church.
4. Have "us" talks on a regular basis.
5. M teach A to drive a stick shift.
6. Create a goals chart.
7. Plant a garden.
8. Grow into praying together.
9. Find a relationship book to read together.
10. Participate in a charity walk together.
11. Have true date nights once a month (at least).
12. Read 101 books (between the two of us). [6/101]
13. Use our pinterest boards for inspiration to create.
14. Foster friendships and develop "couple friends".
15. Sign up and use
16. Get to our healthy (and happy) goal weights.
17. Pay off the furniture.
18. Reduce credit card debt.
19. Treat each other to $100 shopping spree for every 10 pounds lost.
20. Decorate our walls.
21. Get patio furniture.

22. Take a Europe trip.
23. Take a weekend trip.
24. Go to San Francisco
25. San Diego trip.
26. Catalina trip.
27. Visit a city in California we've never been to.
28. Take M to A's favorite places in Northern California.

(stuff we've done separately but not yet together.. except a few things that are new to one or both of us altogether)

29. Watch the Lord of the Rings series (M's favorite... no, I've never seen it...)
30. Go to a county fair. [8/11/2012]
31. See a concert together.
32. Go bowling.
33. Go miniature golfing.
34. Go to the shooting range. (eeek!)
35. Get a Wii. [7/22/2012]
36. Go to the driving range.
37. Go to Disneyland. [11/5/12 & 12/5/12]
38. Have a beach day.
39. Make ice cream from scratch.
40. Go to a drive-in movie.
41. Go to the Hollywood Bowl.
42. Be in the audience of a TV show.
43. Host a party.
44. Attend a professional sports game.
45. Visit a zoo or aquarium.
46. Have a fondue night.
47. Go hiking.
48. Go to a museum.
49. Go to a waterpark.
50. Scavenger hunt fun.
51. Walk home in the rain.
52. Whale watching.
53. Medieval Times with Pirates.
54. Kayaking.
55. Sea World Day.
56. Balboa Fun Zone. [3/2/2013]
57. Take pictures in a photobooth. [8/11/2012]
58. Have a photography day. 
59. Have a dinner party with friends.
60. Build a snowman.

61. Go on a picnic.
62. Take a bath together.
63. Get beach cruisers.
64. Kiss at least 1001 times (M's input... such a sweetie :)
65. Have professional pictures taken together.
66. See 100 new (to both) movies. [7/100]
67. Take a yoga class.
68. Murder Mystery Boat.
69. Go to Sky Room.
70. Take a cooking class together.
71. Go to In Cahoots.
72. See a Broadway play.
73. Get a couples massage.
74. Cross off 50 restaurants on The List (we have a list of restaurants he wants to go to together)
75. Spend an entire day lounging in bed.
76. Celebrate our 1 year anniversary. [3/2/2013 - 3/4/2013]
77. Go on a bike ride together.
78. Purchase our favorite books from our childhood.
79. Visit a winery.
80. Recreate the first date.
81. Breakfast in bed.
82. Spend the entire day reading together.
83. Decorate our first Christmas tree.
84. Create Blurb books for each year together.
85. Watch the sun rise and set in the same day.
86. Fly a kite.
87. Bake cookies together.
88. Spend the day at the park with M drawing.
89. Have a pillow fight.
90. Cross off 50 movies on The List (another list M made of all the movies I should have and haven't seen)

91. Launch [our company name here] (its a secret!)
92. Rescue a puppy from the pound. [8/4/2012]
93. Grow Corner with Love.
94. Buy a condo/townhouse.
95. Work towards the next stages of our relationship.
96. Get a new car for A.
97. Get new jobs. (1/2)
98. Create a joint blog.
99. Grow our 4 blogs (more on this soon...).
100. Purchase 2 new lenses for the dSLR. (1/2)
101. Complete this list and make a new one.

{Italics - in progress}
{Bold - completed.}


Bre said...

The Five Love Languages is a great couples book! JB and I read it very early on in our relationship and it was very beneficial. Also, not to be a buzz kill, but since we are going through debt payoff right now, I thought I would note that many of your items are contradictory to reducing/paying off your debt. JB and I just worked with our friends last weekend to set a budget we are comfortable with while managing to pay off our credit card debt (I won't say how much here, but a LOT) in the next 18 months. We still allowed ourselves some fun money, but probably not enough for trips and such. If you would like more info on what we are doing, email me and I will share.

Love the list! It's great that you are writing these things down to refer back to and that setting goals together is on there.

LWLH said...

Great list!
I just posted about a relationship book and even though it says marriage in the title, I think it works for wherever your at in a relationship.

Sonya said...

This is a good list.

You have four blogs?

I highly recommend anything by Gary Chapman. He wrote the 5 Love Languages and The Marriage You've Always wanted which I think can be applied to any relationship.

I have always wanted to do a murder mystery dinner theatre. :) I loved CLue!!