Friday, July 27, 2012

on a coffee table remodel

A week late but finally a post about turning this:
Ignore the dust from his first attempt at sanding... the whole thing was checkered)
into this:

I didn't get a lot of before pictures because M was so excited to turn the coffee table into my dream come true, he was already working on it before I could take a picture. :) 

He had found this on Pinterest and we both fell in love with it and started scouring garage sales for a cool coffee table for our new place...

(The natural light of the pictures I took makes our teal look a little lighter but the Pinterest picture looks very similar to our color. Ours is a little more green though.)

Sanding proved to be the hardest part, not just because sanding in general sucks but also because there were about 3 layers to get through... blue paint, varnish, and red paint. This boy worked so damn hard to get it down to the wood.
(You can see the desk behind him on the left :) All the work was done at his late Grandma's house since he and his dad are remodeling it right now.
We decided to do one coat teal on the base, then spray paint the top with chalkboard, then the 2nd coat of teal. This order turned out to work really well. We had done the 1st coat of teal the first day, let it dry overnight, then went back and it was dry enough to blue tape the teal to do the top. This way, any teal that managed to get on the top would be covered with chalkboard and then I used a tiny paintbrush on the edges to do the 2nd coat. If that makes any sense. At all. lol.
The plastic was a painting drop cloth that we used while painting. Just lifted it and put it under the blue tape
I'm not going to lie... I love the shape of the table. But its was a total beezy to blue tape. Twice. 
We did 3 full coats of chalkboard spray paint which seems to have been the perfect amount :) The third coat was done pretty thickly.

The only thing I would suggest is don't make the mistake we made by using the small amount you have left to try to do one part with a 4th coat. He thought he could get the corners thicker but ran out after only doing 2 corners. You can definitely see which corners he did an extra coat on and you can see it a little in some of the following pictures. Its not that noticeable in the house but every now and then I see it.
Touch up time! (see the corners on the left. Its whatever. I'm used to it so its really not a big deal at all. 
THIS (above) truly shows the color of the teal. That's about as close as I can get it in a picture.

And done!
The walls and table are from the same paint can, color-matched to the pillows :)

I kind of like that we didn't lost the unique-ness of the wood too. You can still see the checkerboard way the table was made by the grain of the wood.

And for the final Before and After:

Definitely my favorite piece of furniture in our place. The yellow refinished desk is a close second. (pictures of that to come soon!)


Sonya said...

I love it and I LOVE the little picnic table you found on Pinterest. I think my kids need that. ;)

LWLH said...

Looks so cute!! :)

Kristin said...

what a great piece!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I LOVE how that turned out! What a great find on the table!

Jamie said...

So cute! New follower!

Meli said...

Love it!! What kind of spray paint did you use on the top? Thanks!