Friday, July 6, 2012

branding: why the blog name change?

i've been thinking a lot about my etsy shop lately and revamping it, listing new products, focusing on making it more than it already is. i started reading blog posts about how to be successful with a handmade shop and tricks of the trade from those who have made it big, so to speak, with their shops.

and one thing that really stood out was branding. keeping everything consistent. congruent. so when people click from here to there and want to know who you are, it all flows.

i had been wanting to change my etsy shop name since before etsy decided to let users change their name. before it was: you picked your name and that was that. love it or hate it. then they realized that people (girls) are indecisive and they needed to flex to that. or at least that's how i think of it :)

so i had gone around and around about what name to use. i had ideas but none of them felt like the right one.

then i started delving into the idea of branding and knew i didn't want snapshots of joy to be my shop name. i also knew that that name wasn't something i was set on for the blog. so what could i change them both to that would help me move to the next level with etsy? with sponsoring blogs with my shop? with my own blog?

i was talking to MK about this one night and told him i just couldn't come up with anything good. a few minutes later i got up to go to the bathroom and when i came back, he had made a list of ideas he had. one stuck out to me.

he told me not to just settle for that. to try to come up with other ideas. i agreed and knew he was right but the name just worked for me. i loved it. after hemming and hawing and trying to come up with something else, my mind kept going back to his idea. we started talking about designs and something he could draw up for me to use and that was that. no going back. i was in love with the name.

so for the last few weeks i have been working on redoing some things on etsy and i made the new header for the blog last night. i purchased my own domain name (don't worry, if you have bookmarked, blogger will automatically redirect you). i am in the middle of buttons for sponsoring and designing the new business cards for the shop. i even bought a bicycle stamp from etsy to keep the theme on all my packages.

i love it all.

and for a little self-promotion... i finally got in more of (what seems to be) everyone's favorite fabric so if you're looking for a new fun camera strap, check it out (and all the other cute ones). :) there will also be a ton, and i do mean ton, of new designs listed in the coming weeks as i am up to my ears in new fabrics! super excited! self-promotion over :P

Teal, Grey, & Yellow with Grey Polka Dot Ruffle Camera Strap Slip Cover

all that to say, welcome to the newly revamped blog, Corner with Love.



Kristin said...

love the new look

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I like it!

Sonya said...

I think the new desgin looks great! I have been thinking about changing my blog title for a while now but haven't been able to come up with anything I love.

That fabric for that camera strap is beautiful!