Monday, July 9, 2012

The Big Move: Painting Day

in order to not overdo the pictures in one post, i'm gonna break the move down a bit.

friday (the 29th of June) was move in day and we had already decided we were going to paint. I mean, if you're going to live in a 1 bedroom apartment, you should do what you can to make it yours right?! (assuming they let you paint... i've heard we were pretty lucky cause some places say absolutely not altogether. for us, we could paint as long as we either paint it back when we move out or pay them $50 a coat to paint it back for us.)

we knew we wanted a teal and grey color scheme for the living room and kitchen & a grey and butter yellow scheme for the bedroom and bathroom. one morning i was perusing groopdealz and saw a listing for a teal and white pillow cover that was so cute and we decided to buy it and base our teal color off that.

we took the pillow cover to home depot and color-matched the teal for our walls. for the grey, we just picked a grey that matched an accent pillow i had fallen in love with at target and went with that. bought our paint a few days before and we were set for move in day.

we arrived, wrote a check, signed a paper and the keys were ours...

let the painting prep begin!
painting turned out to be a bit of a beezy with the vaulted ceilings but we love the way it turned out. tall ladders, blue tape, & my dad's extender thing-y were lifesavers.

i could just eat this color i love it so much... and that boy who worked his cute butt off to make all this happen and look prettily for me (us) :)

grey progress:
see how much we love it?

More of The Big Move tomorrow!


A Wedding Story said...

Love the colors you chose. Very mod!

Krystie said...

Love those colors! We're the unlucky few that cannot paint. They let us choose 1 accent wall in the whole apartment, which was fine by us since this was suppose to be a 3-month place to live, not a 1.5 year place. Ha, funny how life works out? Can't wait to see how you decorate!

Sonya said...

I like!!! and it matches the new blog look. ;)

Kristin said...

LOVE both colors!

Asha said...

I love the teal and gray combo! You are very lucky to have been able to paint the apartment, it really gives it a more personalized and unique feel. And I completely understand the struggles of painting with vaulted ceilings...we just painted our entire house and it definitely helped me with my fear of heights haha!

I'm your newest follower and hope you'll follow back at :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Super cute!!!