Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Big Move: Furniture & Reveal

i thought i would be back the next day with this post and then i got lazy about editing pics and kept putting it off. that happens way more often than i'd like..
we bought a lot of new kitchen stuff....
anyway. day two of the big move involved furniture delivery and set up. we had bought and ordered our couch and bedroom set the day after we put a deposit on the apartment which was 5 weeks before moving. the most exciting part of the furniture we bought was the mattress. i mean, the couch is awesome and so comfy. and so is all the furniture. but the mattress. so good.

i had been sleeping on a futon (which was admittedly comfy) and MK had been sleeping on the worlds crappiest mattress. (i like to exaggerate...) but seriously. his mattress was bad. he was waking up with a painful back every.single.morning. and that thing made so much noise. he had bought it for like 200 bucks when he moved out in his early twenties and it was bad news.

and the new mattress? like sleeping on a cloud. so all that to say, we were really look forward to mattress being delivered with the rest of the furniture.

but before that all showed up, MK's tv had to be set up. i should have taken video of him setting it up. he was all boy. telling my mom and i all about how great a tv it is and getting way too excited about it. it was cute. and funny.

boys will be boys ;)
then the guys showed up, gawked at the fact that we are (technically) on the 3rd floor (1st floor is covered parking), and started carrying stuff up!
and then MK decided to take a break while someone else did the heavy lifting for once... haha

and then it was back to more organizing...

and the final view, as it is now. still lots more little decorating touches to add. and the walls need some love. but we haven't gotten to that yet so here is how it looks as of right now :)

Couches: Casa Leaders Furniture
Papasan Chair: (years old from) Cost Plus
Grey Pillows: came with the couch
Teal pillows: ordered from Etsy seller on Groopdealz
Teal/Grey baskets: Target
Side table (hidden between the couches a little): Ikea

Bookshelf: Ikea
Lanterns on bookshelf (that won't be staying there): Ikea
TV stand: Ikea
Black Shelf for serving pieces: Ikea
Tablecloth: Target
Teal Ice bucket: HomeGoods
Anything else you see: ask me...
Lamp (which will move to the desk): Target
Yellow Pillows: Pier 1
Bike pillow: Target
Ruffle Duvet Cover: Pottery Barn
I forgot (purposely.. it was messy) to take a picture of the butter yellow desk in the nook in the bedroom but I plan on posting some before and after pictures of that next week since we refinished it.

And a sneak peek of the redone coffee table (which you can see in the above pictures too) to end the post. Before and after pics of that next week too! :)


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Lisa said...

Love all of it! You guys did an amazing job turning that place into something special. Seriously, the colors, the furniture - it looks fantastic. I LOVE that headboard . .and the couches, and all the pillows....and the coffee table. Alright, I guess I already said it - I love it all.

Sonya said...

Everything looks very nice!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I kept scrolling and was wondering where you got that great coffee table! I love it! What kind of tv is that? I'm looking for a new one for our move.