Saturday, June 16, 2012

the first date

**i was clicking from blog to blog today (when i should have been organizing... procrastination much?!) and reading many a post about love stories (there was a linky that distracted me major. i blame it) and it hit me that i have this unique opportunity to tell my love story as it happens. so many of us start blogging after the wedding or after the engagement or whatever and tell the story of years ago. but I met MK only a few months ago and our love story is still unfolding. so why not tell it as it happens? fun. so with that... here is the story of the first date.**
a little back story/reminder: MK and I met on match and exchanged a lot of emails and then texts/phone calls before meeting in person. this is the story of that first handshake hug.....

it was 7:00ish on a sunday morning. mk and i had been texting the night before and i woke up to my daily "good morning (beautiful, cutie, pretty girl, sunshine, etc.)" text. we had been texting for a couple weeks and had talked about meeting up but this particular weekend, mk had a birthday party to go to on saturday and a remodel project all day sunday (he committed to helping his dad entirely gut and remodel his grandma's old home and they work every sunday and now saturdays too) so we were planning to meet the next weekend for the first time.

after the good morning text, while still laying in bed, i get a text that immediately sent butterflies swarming through my stomach and a stupid pathetic grin on my face. it said (i just scrolled through months of texts to find the exact words for memory purposes so this is word for word) "sooo, remodel go put on hold because we didn't get some materials or something and everyone is lazy so i was thinking of asking you if you wanted to see each other today? if its too last minute i totally understand though :)

i respond with "i'd love to :)"

he tells me he'll get back to me when he decides on a time and i jump out of bed to get a shower, nervous already.

an hour passes and i haven't heard about a time yet. finally i get a text asking me if i want to meet at 11:30 at Starbucks in a local promenade area with restaurants, movie theaters, boutique shops, etc. then before i can respond a second text comes in changing the time to 12. i say sure and try to figure out what in the world to wear.

fast forward to about 10:00ish when i go out to where my mom is watching tv and proceed to, as nonchalantly as possible, mention in passing that i'm going on a date in an hour or so. she tries to be just as casual as she asks who i'm going on a date with, how i met him (at this point i had told her i was on match but not much else), and where i'm going on this date. i answer her questions and then go hide in my room for awhile to avoid any more quizzes.

11:35 hits (the minutes ticked by so. slow for that last hour) and he texts "see you soon :)" i decide i can't wait any longer or i may just die from nervousness. so i head to the promenade knowing i'll get there too early.

as i'm nearing i get a text that he is there and sitting at a table in starbucks waiting for me. i thought i might pass out right then. (have i ever mentioned how insanely shy/awkward/nervous i get when meeting new people. its bad. to the point that some people have thought i was a stuck up b.itch because i was just so shy, i barely talked. so meeting a guy? triples that shy nervousness)

i park, and start walking up slowly. i'm playing with my phone to keep myself from dying and walk up and he's sitting at the very first table facing the window watching me walk in.

we do the whole awkward hug thing and i start to sit down when he asks if i want a drink. we both walk up to the counter and he orders us the drinks (we had texted about our favorite starbucks drink before). he technically orders it wrong and misses an ingredient (we agreed we love passion tea lemonade but he orders just passion tea without the lemonade) but i'm too nervous to correct him so i let it slide. (i think we later talked about the fact that the drink seemed different and i think i told him it was because he ordered it without the lemonade.)

anyway, we sit at starbucks for about 30 minutes drinking our drinks and talking and i don't make eye contact hardly at all because i suuuuuuck at eye contact when i first meet and get to know someone. i don't know what it is. i kept looking over at this display of coffee beans and i remember at one point he glanced back to see what i kept staring at but didn't say anything.

while talking at starbucks we get on subject of first dates and he tells me he thinks movies on a first date are kind of lame because you just sit there and don't get to interact.

he then asks if i've eaten and i say no and we go over to a place that makes sandwiches out of waffles. at both starbucks and this place i try to pay for myself but he won't have it. he buys us lunch and we sit at a long hightop table with a family at the other end. we talked more and then decided to walk around the promenade.

we walk about halfway down across the street from the theater and he stops and says "you wanna just see a movie" so i say sure. (i still tease him about his declaration that movies on a first date are lame and then asking me to see a movie on our first date but he's since admitted he just didn't know what else to do but wasn't ready for the date to be over.)

we end up seeing "Project: X" (so so so lame and stupid but so lame and stupid that we laughed and made fun of it the whole time). when we go to buy the tickets, i remember saying "should i even bother getting my wallet out?" and he said "absolutely not" and then tells me that he's not too old fashioned but some things should still remain.

halfway through the movie he gets up to go to the bathroom and touches my leg as he does and when he comes back we play the old my hand is here and yours is there but not quite holding hands yet until he gets the nerve to just go for it and we proceed to hold hands for the rest of the date (well... except when i went to the bathroom at the end of the movie. cause that would just be weird.)

after the movie we still aren't ready for goodbyes so we start walking again and sit by a fountain holding hands outside of a cost plus. we talk for awhile and then finally he says we should probably get home (i later found out it was because after all these hours he needed to finally smoke and refused to ever let me see him physically smoke... he ended up quitting 4 weeks later) and walks me to my car.

he hugs me (first kiss didn't come til date number 2) and i offer one last time to drive him home so he didn't have to wait for his mom... wait did i forget to mention the funniest part about our date? he'll kill me but... he had been in a car accident shortly before and the woman totalled his car and he had been driving his motorcycle but it needed to go to the shop so he had to have his mom drop him off and pick him up. yep. my 29-year-old boyfriend had his mommy drop him off for our first date. lol.

on my way home, while on the phone debriefing with my best friend, he sends a text that says "i had fun with you today :) ridiculous movie and all haha"

later he tells me he's going to have to take me on a proper date...
and then asks what my first impressions were and proceeds to say a slew of insanely sweet things that had me grinning from ear to ear for at least the next hour.

date number 2 involved dinner at the improv to see pauly shore and then a drive to his old high school makeout spot where we had our fireworks first kiss. yes, it was the ever so cheesy and cliche fireworks style first kiss. and i remember that night, after i got home, texting my best friend and all the text said was "boy can kiss!" it was good stuff.


Britt ♥ said...

This is so cute! My first official 'date' with C was a movie too, we went to go see A Haunting in Connecticut and we ended up making out like teenagers through it. Thankfully the theater was practically empty!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Too cute! I love that his mom was his ride home that day. True dating!! lol

Tiffany said...

Awww, this is such a cute post!