Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Random Thoughts from a Hospital Waiting Room

My grandma was admitted into the ICU today after my mom was supposed to take her to the doc for a stomach bug but she ended up being so weak, that my mom took her straight to the ER. Turns out they think she had a small heart attack sometime in the last couple days. Doing tests and such tonight and tomorrow and then we'll know more.

In the meantime, I packed up my work stuff and my brand spankin' new MacBook Pro (eeeek!) and I have spent the afternoon working in a hospital waiting room next to my sister who is doing the same thing. And of course, hanging out with my grandma when its my turn :)
Sidenote... loooove my teal lace TOMS :)

So I've done tons of work and now I blog. If I have to enter one more volunteer shift into the software right now, I might lose it. 1700 shifts I'm creating. 1700. Yeah, we're blogging now.

Anyway... so I got a new MacBook Pro.. did I mention that? SUPER excited! I've been wanting this and saving for this from my etsy shop for a long long time. I am beyond happy to finally have it in my little hands. And MK helped me get a super good deal on it with his connections. So bonus!

Other random thoughts...

...things are going really well with the boy. I'm a smitten kitten. :)

...my little sister just moved back to So Cal and I'm super happy to have her home. All 3 sisters are finally back in the same city for the first time in 8 years. Craziness.

...is it May 5th yet? (that's when the film festival is over and I can breathe/have a life again)

...I'm a happy girl. Content and love the place I'm in emotionally with the divorce stuff right now. Good things.

...and lasting, prayers for my grandma are muy appreciated right now. I think she'll pull through but, at 85,   I worry for her a lot.

Happy almost Wednesday :)


Meghan McCabe said...

I may have to get a new mac soon, mine is on its way out :( I have save $0 for such a situation.

Sending good thoughts for your Grandma!

LWLH said...

Sending prayers to your Gram, hope she's better soon.